Definitive Wedding Planning & Photography Guide for Brides


Ata-Girl Photographer Tammy Blalock Launches ‘Panoramic’, the Definitive Wedding Planning & Photography Guide for Brides

(October 4, 2018)–Wedding photographs tell their own story without any intermediaries. However, badly captured images can spoil much of the fun and emotions we want to experience while opening the albums. Tammy Blalock, the full time, certified and international award winning wedding photographer shares her insights and expertise with the launch of her book, ‘Panoramic: Wedding Planning Guide’.

For every would-be bride who wants to ensure that precious moments are experienced not only on the wedding day, but also years later, ‘Panoramic’ offers detailed and complete guidelines, tips, advice and secrets. Based on years of professional work that Tammy has done through her studio, Ata-Girl Photography Co, these are behind-the-scenes tricks and things to keep in mind to help every photograph capture all the action, stories and emotions happening on stage.

There are tons of books directed at photographers about how to achieve better wedding photography, but nothing targeted to brides to help educate them on how they can improve their own photography by simply making better choices, and planning for beautiful photography. This book fills up the vacuum,” says Tammy Blalock.

For the first time, ‘Panoramic’ reveals how brides can organize and manage their wedding day and the photography sessions with the help of detailed instructions. Among the topics covered, the book shares plenty of tips for the engagement and bridal sessions, how to master the timeline like a bride boss, to have or not to have flash, pros and cons of grand exits, questions to ask a potential photographer or for selecting the ideal venue, and why printing is more important today than ever. ‘Panoramic’ reveals the reasons why photographs get delayed and how to avoid them, and shares a 12-month timeline checklist, a 9-hour, sample wedding day timeline, and worksheets for family formals and the wedding.

The most comprehensive and the first of its kind guidebook for wedding photography, ‘Panoramic’ also serves as a strong advocate for using bona fide, professional photographers when it has become acceptable to spend as little as $300 on this part of the wedding. Brides’ number one regret after their wedding day is their photographs; this book aims to solve that.

A native of Atascosa County, Texas, Tammy’s life has been one of ups and downs, in which lack of a memorial photograph of her mother played a major role in her taking up photography as a professional. The other was the desire to inspire her two athletic daughters and create confidence boosting visuals. Tammy knows the significance of life’s special moments, and the value and blessedness of delicate relationships. Among her proudest moments are raising her two daughters, living in the same area as her ancestors did since 1909, serving in the US Army, and having always kept an optimistic outlook.


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